What are the aims of the Federation?

  • To promote the continued availability of the Catholic education now provided in schools administered by the Christian Brothers and other bodies.
  • To promote the preservation of Christian values in our society.
  • To promote the formation and development of Parents Councils in all affiliated schools.
  • While respecting the autonomy of individual councils, to provide guidelines and recommendations for their effective operation, to keep them informed of trends in education, and provide when necessary, a means of co-ordinating their activities on a National level.
  • To promote liaison with other organisations concerned with education.
  • To foster an increasingly effective spirit of co-operation in all affiliated schools between management, teachers, parents and students.
  • To assist parents to know and obtain their rights, and fulfil their duties with regard to the education of their children, in that they are free to choose, according to their consciences, the type of school they want for their children, that they have an effective voice in educational development, and to promote an appreciation of the value of education among all sections of the community.
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